Lies made evident by example

Let's live up to the name shall we - and go as free flow as we can manage
we/he - I am me, but me and I don't see eye to eye

Ugh, I can feel the self-consciousness creeping in
Like a sickly warmth crawling up my back
After oozing out of a hole in my spine

Off with you Gremlin, I shall stand naked and fearless, with naked fear
Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.

Aren't those ones so wonderfully sticky?

Do you understand the weight of being at the nexus of infinite possibilities?

Bioshock Infinite was/is free for xbox gold members this month - and if it had a theme, I'd say that's probably it. What we don't think about is that we stand in that Nexus every day. It doesn't seem like it because we're comfortable and automated. Think of your daily morning subroutines.

I'm supposed to decide which path to choose among infinite possibility, and I don't even know what I want to eat.
Bachelor Chow. 

Okay, that's true - I want to each bachelor chow.


Pot Prison

Were it in the scope of my influence
I'd crowdsource/fund a privatized prison
Where only non-violent offenders on marijuana charges
Would be housed in a prison/labor farm
Where they'd be taught and work to grow the stuff
To be sold in state run dispensaries
That help fund its operation

Image source:  http://www.northplattepost.com/2013/02/21/massachusetts-man-gets-prison-time-in-ne-for-pot-charges/


Channeling Your Channels, part 2

Do you speak Darmok?

That there are those that do - is evidence of itself. I noted when finding the clip of this to share the description on YouTube:

This is a clip that I edited and posted on YouTube. I use this clip in my Intercultural Communication course to introduce students to issues of language differences in intercultural situations.

During video answer the following questions:
Would you face the same experience? Have you?
Can you figure out the language?
What advice would you offer when interacting with people and you both don't speak the others' language (in short, lessons learned?)?

The "Picard Principle" of Intercultural Communication:
In the clip Picard says "Communication is a matter of patience [and] imagination."
What does that phrase mean? Is it true?
Do a Google search on "Darmok Dictionary"

 You should be able to grok it if you get:
_I'm So Meta, Even This Acronym_ - can we just use #ismeta as a tag on stuff these days?

We speak in shows. Do you speak _Firefly_? Just watch anything that has it's own convention, you'll see the subdialects. Notice the virtues of the memes with which they resonate - with which you resonate.